Wednesday, April 2, 2008

STLtoday - Wal-Mart drops $400,000 reimbursement claim against injured former worker

WASHINGTON — Wal-Mart is backing off its attempts to collect nearly half a million dollars from the family of a Missouri woman injured in a traffic accident eight years ago.

The company said Tuesday it would no longer ask the family of Debbie Shank to reimburse $469,217 in medical expenses incurred after her car collided with a tractor-trailer in southeast Missouri.

Wow, someone at Walmart actually has a soul. That or the bad publicity was really getting to them. It's great to finally hear some good news about this case.


  1. Anonymous said...
    It's very surprising that Wal-Mart finally did the right thing rather than the usual greedy thing. Now ~ we should go after the unethical lawyers who stole almost 60% of the total amount! This is totally unreasonable and they will need a lot of this money for her care. Lawyers are some of the most low-life parasites in existence...
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