Monday, December 31, 2007

Left of Centrist » Meme(ories) lie the corners of my mind
I guess I suppose to tell 7 lies about myself.

I was born at a young age at the family farm,

Life was hard on the farm,

So I moved to the big city of Fort Wayne,

For some higher education,

Once I got to Fort Wayne I was bored so I invented the home computer,

Then with my old Amish pal Al, we invented the Internet

We put the Internet to use for the most useful thing we could think of,

(ha ha, I bet someone though I would have a naked chick pictured here or something porn related)

Then rumors of a dark lord started to circulate,

Me and another old pal decided we must fight this evil,

We decided it was best for me to change my identity (actually I think Keith was threatened by my looks, so I think he bribed the doctor to make me ugly and shave my head)

We called my old pal Al again and put our heads together,

We deciede the best thing to do would be to invent something we decided to call the "weblog" or "Blog"

It took us a while but we uncovered a conspiracy. For some reason things just didn't add up.

There was a real threat behind this shell of a president,

Once again we needed help to over come this foe, only one thing could stop this evil,

With all our hard work, the dream finally came true,

Well that is probably more then 7 lies, but it's all in good fun. I don't really have anyone to tag, everyone I know has been tagged I think.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I found this amusing.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Your so Lame

I found this video interesting.

Nothing like hot chicks singing a catchy tune about my favorite moron President.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm sure most everyone has seen the story of Jamie Leigh Jones, here is a Move On petition to get congress to investigate and hold people accountable.

Subject: Help hold contractors accountable

Hi, Jamie Leigh Jones was working in Iraq for a subsidiary of Halliburton when she was drugged and brutally gang-raped by several coworkers.

For the last two years, she's been asking the US government to hold the perpetrators accountable, but the men who raped her may never be brought to justice because Halliburton and other contractors in Iraq aren't subject to US or Iraqi laws.

I just signed a petition urging Congress to investigate the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones, hold those involved accountable, and bring US contractors under the jurisdiction of US law. Can you join me at the link below?

Hold Contractors Accountable!


Jamie has started a foundation to help other people.

Support Jamie Leigh Jones' Foundation

Jamie started an organization to help US citizens who are victims of sexual abuse, rape and harassment while working abroad for federal contractors, corporations or the government. Her organization wants to ensure that overseas contractors and corporations act responsibly, and those who commit crimes are held accountable.

Jamie Leigh Foundation

Thursday, December 13, 2007

9 Dems Say No To Christmas Resolution In Congress - Politics on The Huffington Post:

"Rep. Jim McDermott says he is no Grinch, even though he voted against Christmas. The Democrat from Washington state says he was protesting an expected veto of a children's health insurance bill when he voted against a resolution recognizing the importance of Christmas. 'While the Republicans are passing a resolution celebrating Christmas, the president was vetoing health care for children. There's a little bit of irony going on around here,' McDermott said Thursday."

Wow you really showed that evil George Bush. What's next cooking up the Easter Bunny for a nice rabbit stew? I bet ol' George will think twice before asking for more Iraq money, you guys have him shaking in his cowboy boots now. Oh brother. These Demos can't show any backbone when it comes to war funding because they worry about how it will look. So they take a stand against Christmas. The Republicans play these guys like a fiddle, they know damn well if they but a resolution up about celebrating Christmas there will be some Dems that vote against it because they respect other religions. Wait 'till the next time one of those Dem's seats are up for election. The Republican's will dig up this Christmas vote and slap that all over the MSM. I would rather these guys vote against the war then vote against Santa.

I am borrowing this from Left In Aboite

This has given me a whole new outlook on life. Becoming a God over my own world has a certain appeal. I don't think it will convince me to vote for Mittens though.

Found this posted on today:

"Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"
-- Mike Huckabee, to the New York Times Magazine. Huckabee later apologized to Romney.

I guess he didn't really need to apologize.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vic Demize from The Pragmatist's Corner told me about this.

I did a search on Google it does give a lot of different sites with stories.

Women send panties to Myanmar in protest

BANGKOK, Thailand - Women in several countries have begun sending their panties to Myanmar embassies in a culturally insulting gesture of protest against the recent brutal crackdown there, a campaign supporter said Friday.

"It's an extremely strong message in Burmese and in all Southeast Asian culture," said Liz Hilton, who supports an activist group that launched the "Panties for Peace" drive earlier this week.

The group, Lanna Action for Burma, says the country's superstitious generals, especially junta leader Gen. Than Shwe, also believe that contact with women's underwear saps them of power.

To widespread international condemnation, the military in Myanmar, also known as Burma, crushed mass anti-regime demonstrations recently and continues to hunt down and imprison those who took part.

Hilton said women in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, England and other European countries have started sending or delivering their underwear to Myanmar missions following informal coordination among activist organizations and individuals.

"You can post, deliver or fling your panties at the closest Burmese Embassy any day from today. Send early, send often!" the Lanna Action for Burma Web site urges.

"So far we have had no response from Burmese officials," Hilton said.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"When I see a woman walking around with a burqa, I see a Nazi. That's what I see. How do you like that? A hateful Nazi who would like to cut your throat and kill your children. She's doing it to spit in your face. She's saying, 'You white moron, you, I'm going to kill you if I can.'"
-- Michael Savage, on his syndicated radio show

I've always thought these conservative radio personalities were ignorant, but this guy just won the top prize. I'm surprised this guy doesn't have a show on Fox News by now.
That statement is just messed up on so many levels. I thought someone wearing a burqa was saying, "I'm practicing my religion". I don't understand the spitting in your face part. It's not like anyone tells them they can't wear a burqa so they put it on anyway. Most of those countries they are required to wear them or they will get stoned or worse.

If your going to compare Nazis to anyone compare them to conservatives. I think you will find a lot more similarities.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Since today is December 7, here is something I seen in a newspaper. I don't remember which paper it was to link the story.

Welcome - Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund

Engineers estimate as few as 2 years of useful life remaining before the world's most complete Pearl Harbor museum must be abandoned

Apparently the Pearl Harbor Memorial is sinking into the ocean. A lot of things that have been donated can not be displayed due to the limited room they have and the danger of the memorial sinking and loosing everything.

The USS Arizona Memorial's museum is the world's leading repository of the history, artifacts, documents and research related to the attack on Pearl Harbor and early WWII in the Pacific. It must be preserved.

There are links on the website to make donations to help preserve this national memorial. Things like Pearl Harbor, WTC, and Illegal invasions by neocons must be remembered so they don't happen again.

It seems most everyone has forgotten about poor Myanmar, but things haven't gotten any better for them.
2 Months After Protests, Myanmar Junta in Control - New York Times

BANGKOK, Dec. 7 — The streets are quiet in Myanmar. The “destructive elements” are in jail. The international outcry has faded. The junta’s grip on power seems firm.
Two months after they cracked down on huge anti-government demonstrations led by Buddhist monks, the generals who rule Myanmar have reason to feel relief.
It seems they have ridden out their most difficult challenge in two decades and are set to maintain control through force and fear, offering only small concessions to the demands of their critics abroad.
If change is coming in Myanmar, experts say, it is likely to be a long process and to emerge from within the power structure.
Diplomats and human rights groups say that an unknown number of protesters and monks remain in prison today, that many monasteries in the main city, Yangon, have emptied out and that new arrests are reported almost every day.

If there is anyplace that needs new leadership it's Burma. The UN needs to do more then just send some envoy that is just going to get turned away. They turned a blind eye when the United States invaded another country and overthrew their legal leader. You would think they would be willing to do something about a illegal leadership.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Romney Seeks to Defuse Concerns Over Mormon Faith - New York Times: "“Then Sam Adams rose, and said he would hear a prayer from anyone of piety and good character, as long as they were a patriot,” Mr. Romney said. “And so together they prayed, and, together, they fought, and together, by the grace of God, they founded this great nation.”"

Sorry, Flip-Flopping Romney, your no Sam Adams.

“I believe in my Mormon faith and endeavor to live by it,” he said.

And showing the fine line he was treading, he promised not to be beholden to church authorities, and devoted the majority of his address to calling for a robust role for religion in public life, declaring there was a common moral heritage across religious lines in the country that he would champion.

He's not a very good Mormon if he isn't going to be "beholden" to church authorities. Isn't that what Mormon's are all about?

I'm sure Mormons aren't like ones on that HBO "Big Love" show. Mormons still keep everything secret and seem to most people to be a cult. I don't understand how someone who is such a good Mormon can flip-flop so much? Isn't the whole Christian faith supposed to be based on the teaching of Christ? I don't remember Christ flip-flopping on issues.

Remember September 11, 1857? When Brigham Young sent his chosen people out to slaughter innocent men and women? oh wait, I guess that would make Flip -Flopper the perfect republican candidate.

I now have something to look forward too next year.
(well other then seeing Gorge Bush being removed from the oval office)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies

I can see from the trailer they added a lot of padding. Like they did with The Lion The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but was was added was pretty good. If you read the books you will know they need to make the movies a bit more exciting. The books are good, but they are only about 200 pages. There was no flying around or falling from castle walls or big siege engines like the the trailer is showing, still I think it looks like a good movie.

This is pretty funny.

If you haven't experienced Chad Vader, go on YouTube and check out the videos. They are pretty funny. Probably funnyer if your a Star Wars fan, but even if your not the videos are good for a laugh or two.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Court orders Tweety, Mickey to take stand - Criminal weirdness- "ROME - Your honor, I thought I saw a pussycat! In what lawyers believe was a clerical error worthy of a Looney Tunes cartoon, a court in Naples included the cartoon characters Tweety Bird, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and his girlfriend, Daisy, in a summons, officials said. In fact, it's a criminal trial of a Chinese man accused of counterfeiting products of Disney and Warner Bros."

And we thought the courts in this country were crazy?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Losing Ground In Iowa, Clinton Assails Obama -

Clinton, campaigning across Iowa on Sunday, appeared to be spoiling for a fight with her chief Democratic rival in national polls -- even at one point describing the battle as "fun."

"I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans, and attacking the problems of our country, because ultimately that's what I want to do as president. But I have been, for months, on the receiving end of rather consistent attacks. Well, now the fun part starts. We're into the last month, and we're going to start drawing the contrasts," she said.

That drew a swift rebuke from Obama. "This presidential campaign isn't about attacking people for fun, it's about solving people's problems, like ending this war and creating a universal health care system," he said in a statement. "Washington insiders might think throwing mud is fun, but the American people are looking for leadership that can unite this country around a common purpose."

Hopefully Obama and Clinton will keep this in-fighting going and turn voters off and help John Edwards get more support. That's what I hope for anyway.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

We have a new blogger around these parts. Vic DeMize (a great name too) has started a blog called Pragmatists Corner.

If your like me and don't know what pragmatists means, here is a definition from The Free Dictionary

prag·ma·tism (prgm-tzm)
1. Philosophy A movement consisting of varying but associated theories, originally developed by Charles S. Peirce and William James and distinguished by the doctrine that the meaning of an idea or a proposition lies in its observable practical consequences.
2. A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.

Go check him out he's got some good stuff going. Check him out before Bush has us all shutdown.

Vic has been around since the old BBS days. You know dial up modems. Back in my day we had 2400 baud modems and WE LIKED IT! We dowloaded up hill both ways. You kids with the fancy broadband don't know how good you have it.

Welcome aboard Vic, (your going to burn in hell for using that internet!)