Friday, December 7, 2007

It seems most everyone has forgotten about poor Myanmar, but things haven't gotten any better for them.
2 Months After Protests, Myanmar Junta in Control - New York Times

BANGKOK, Dec. 7 — The streets are quiet in Myanmar. The “destructive elements” are in jail. The international outcry has faded. The junta’s grip on power seems firm.
Two months after they cracked down on huge anti-government demonstrations led by Buddhist monks, the generals who rule Myanmar have reason to feel relief.
It seems they have ridden out their most difficult challenge in two decades and are set to maintain control through force and fear, offering only small concessions to the demands of their critics abroad.
If change is coming in Myanmar, experts say, it is likely to be a long process and to emerge from within the power structure.
Diplomats and human rights groups say that an unknown number of protesters and monks remain in prison today, that many monasteries in the main city, Yangon, have emptied out and that new arrests are reported almost every day.

If there is anyplace that needs new leadership it's Burma. The UN needs to do more then just send some envoy that is just going to get turned away. They turned a blind eye when the United States invaded another country and overthrew their legal leader. You would think they would be willing to do something about a illegal leadership.


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