Friday, December 7, 2007

Since today is December 7, here is something I seen in a newspaper. I don't remember which paper it was to link the story.

Welcome - Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund

Engineers estimate as few as 2 years of useful life remaining before the world's most complete Pearl Harbor museum must be abandoned

Apparently the Pearl Harbor Memorial is sinking into the ocean. A lot of things that have been donated can not be displayed due to the limited room they have and the danger of the memorial sinking and loosing everything.

The USS Arizona Memorial's museum is the world's leading repository of the history, artifacts, documents and research related to the attack on Pearl Harbor and early WWII in the Pacific. It must be preserved.

There are links on the website to make donations to help preserve this national memorial. Things like Pearl Harbor, WTC, and Illegal invasions by neocons must be remembered so they don't happen again.


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