Thursday, March 22, 2007

Animal right nuts want to kill this little polar bear

How could anyone want to kill such a cute little guy? It's not like he was snatched out of the wild or anything. He was born in the Zoo and abandoned by the mother. The twin brother bear had already died before the zookeeper started caring for Knut. It's not like they plan on raising him up then turning him loose in the wild. Where he might not survive because he's been hand fed. He's going to be in a Zoo all his life. I doesn't look like this bear is suffering, let him live!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here is a little story about about Fox news.
The Hill

"Fair and Balanced" my ass.

HaHa, poor Tony, I guess people being able to remember back to the Clinton years sucks?

Choking on It: Snow Swallows Own Old Words

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The author of the blog Axinar's stopped in and left me a comment and had a link to this article Is It Really A War Against Terror?. It kind of helps you see how people in other countries see us and our crazy little war. I added Axinar's blog to my links it seems like a site worth watching.

That lead me to find this, "Blogs for Bush".
I just can't get enough of these "god bless president Bush for protecting us from evil" asshats. He doesn't say that, it's just my pet name for those jerkoff that think Bush is some kind of hero. I find it funny how the cons try to make fun of the left for thinking Obama is some kind of saviour (For the record, I don't think he is), but at the same time they think Bush is leading some kind of crusade to free the holy land.

In the sake of keeping my friends close and enemies closer, I did the unthinkable an bookmarked "Blogs for Bush" just so I can see what other crap they come up with.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kerry gets something right.
Bush Pleads for Patience in Iraq War, Kerry Tells Bush: “Patience is not a strategy”
I'm not a Kerry fan, but I think this is a true statement.

Hooray for George W. Bush, he has managed to fuck up 2 countries,
USA Today article
. It's a pretty sad time when people are wishing for the days of a crazed dictator running their country.


I just want to share this.

Please don't get too excited at the end, Barak Obama's people did not really make it.

I think with these things like youtube and such there is going to be a lot more of this kind of thing going on. It's going to get hard for people to figure out what is a real campaing ad. I read a theory someplace that this was made by Rebublican supporters that are trying to divide the Democratic party up and cause problems. (The ol' divide and conquer trick).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here is a site with pictures of the Senators that voted against the Senate Resolution for a Timetable to withdraw

The Liberal Journal: A Current Events & Political News Blog

This a pretty good blog about Khalid Sheikh Mohmanned's sudden confession.

KSM Deflector Apparatus Up and Running

One of my favorite parts is "KSM was arrested four years ago and has been tortured since that time. Now, had this confession showed up a bit, um, sooner, I might find it less staged. But given how the Bush administration abuses the tragedy of September 11 for political reasons and how often they do it, plus the timing of this "confession,' I am highly skeptical. No, I am more than skeptical."

I added at-Largely to my blog list, they have good stories and lots more information on this "confession" thing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One thing I have learned the last few days is, I know for sure I don't want this Matt Kelty guy to be our next mayor. Some how some kids in a Indy school had sex in a classroom because Ft. Wayne has strip clubs.

First they take away smoking now they want to take away strip clubs. Truth be told some of the strip clubs may end up closing down or at least do a lot less buisness because of the smoking ban anyway. What pisses me off is when I read comments. Why does every right wingnut think strip clubs are full of prostitutes and drugs? These people watch too many movies or something. There are laws and such that regulate these buisnesses. It's not the drunken lawlessness people think is going on. Sure there are people getting drunk in there, but it's not a free for all Roman orgy happening.

Now of course I'm all for protecting children and such. There is no place for a strip club near a school or anything like that. Honestly, NO Fort Wayne doesn't need anymore clubs or sex oriented buisnesses. I don't want massage parlors or crap like that coming back, that kind of thing is just creepy. Most of the clubs in town are nice, there are 2 or 3 that you might consider a "dive". The funny thing is I see more laws get broken in the big fancy clubs then those little "dive" places.

Here are a few post from other sites I do agree with, Just for the Record, and Angry White Boy. They make good points, AWB's idea isn't bad.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I bet no one ever saw this coming (yes, that was sarcasim), Justice Department Says FBI Misused Patriot Act

Here is a link to the Department of Justice web site were you can read the full report. It's a lot of reading, best off to stick with the newspaper artical.

I think it's just another fine example of Dear Leader breaking any law he feels like. What I wonder is, what did we get out of this? Did we actually catch a terrorist, stop Dr. Evil from taking over the world?, or maybe catch someone having a smoke in Ft. Wayne? Supposably the whole thing is just some record keeping errors and no civil liberties were at risk and they found no deliberate or intentional misues of authority. Even though recordkeeping and reporting was inadequate, actual use of information was appropriate. Wow, "recordkeeping and reporting was inadequate", no shit?

Daylight savings time is coming early this year to help save energy. Here is a link to check to see if your computer needs to be updated.
Daylight Saving Time Help and Support

Yes Hoosiers this means you!!! It's about time you all caught up to the rest of the country. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Scary stuff

I was just reading this artical about beard shaving in Pakistan. Aparently grooming is forbiden to muslims and punishable by death.
Here is what I don't understand. If your muslim and you shave now your a sinner. Ok your a sinner, you die, you go before the big bearded boss and he's going to send you to Hell or wherever people that don't get 72 virgins go. That's all good you made your choice, that should be between you and big beard. So WTF does the Taliban need to go around killing people for not having beards for? Maybe they are trying to speed up the meeting between the clean shaver and the boss? The artical also says they will kill people for listening to music, especially CDs. That is some serious conservitism there.

FYI, Apperantly beard shaving isn't really a sin to all muslims, it's more of choice depending on how much you stick to the letter of the Quran. I guess money lending t with a interest rate is a pretty big no-no for Muslims, but the Taliban overlooks that little technicality because they need the money.

This is another artical were the comments below it are pretty scarry. It looks like people from all over the world posted comment, but the American ones are all the ones wanting to blow up all the Muslims. I guess most Americans think all Muslims are memebers of the Taliban, and since Iraq is moslty Muslim they are all evil so obviously King George is saving us all. (Just typing that made me about hurl)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Open Letter

This is pretty damn funny. An Open Letter to CPAC, the letter itself isn't that funny, but the comments if you scroll down below it are. Actually it's probably more scarry that people really think George Bush is the 2nd. comming and Ann Coulter is his virgin mother. Would that make Dick Chaney Judas? Here lately I've really had my eyes opened. I dont' get these people, they bitch and moan about liberal people acting like Senator Barack Obama is something great, then they turn around a put someone like Coulter on a pedistal. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Here is something interesting, Coulter Cash? That's great he wants to turn a frown upsidedown and all. Thing I need to know before I think of donating is, WTF does he need to know my employer for?

It says the law requires me to give the name of my employer, why would they need to know that? If anyone knows let me know. Something seems fishy to me.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

These are pretty damn funny.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Here is a pretty good response to that Coulter comment from the other day.

John Edwards 08 blog. It nice to see someone has a little more class.

Friday, March 2, 2007

"I was going to have a few comments about John Edwards, but these days you have to go into rehab if you say the word 'faggot'."
-- Ann Coulter, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Maybe the AP should apply that Paris Hilton rule to this Ann Coulter moron?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

AP memo

This is great, it would be great if they would apply the same rules to Anna Nichole Skank and Brittney.

"Next week the print team is planning an unconventional experiment: We are NOT going to cover Paris Hilton. Barring any major, major news, we are not going to put a single word about Paris on the wire...If something does come up, big or small, we encourage discussions on whether we should write about it."
-- internal memo from AP entertainment editor Jess Washington

I hope they stick to this, it would be nice for people to care about real news instead of just the rich and infamous...