Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Scary stuff

I was just reading this artical about beard shaving in Pakistan. Aparently grooming is forbiden to muslims and punishable by death.
Here is what I don't understand. If your muslim and you shave now your a sinner. Ok your a sinner, you die, you go before the big bearded boss and he's going to send you to Hell or wherever people that don't get 72 virgins go. That's all good you made your choice, that should be between you and big beard. So WTF does the Taliban need to go around killing people for not having beards for? Maybe they are trying to speed up the meeting between the clean shaver and the boss? The artical also says they will kill people for listening to music, especially CDs. That is some serious conservitism there.

FYI, Apperantly beard shaving isn't really a sin to all muslims, it's more of choice depending on how much you stick to the letter of the Quran. I guess money lending t with a interest rate is a pretty big no-no for Muslims, but the Taliban overlooks that little technicality because they need the money.

This is another artical were the comments below it are pretty scarry. It looks like people from all over the world posted comment, but the American ones are all the ones wanting to blow up all the Muslims. I guess most Americans think all Muslims are memebers of the Taliban, and since Iraq is moslty Muslim they are all evil so obviously King George is saving us all. (Just typing that made me about hurl)


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