Monday, March 5, 2007

Open Letter

This is pretty damn funny. An Open Letter to CPAC, the letter itself isn't that funny, but the comments if you scroll down below it are. Actually it's probably more scarry that people really think George Bush is the 2nd. comming and Ann Coulter is his virgin mother. Would that make Dick Chaney Judas? Here lately I've really had my eyes opened. I dont' get these people, they bitch and moan about liberal people acting like Senator Barack Obama is something great, then they turn around a put someone like Coulter on a pedistal. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Here is something interesting, Coulter Cash? That's great he wants to turn a frown upsidedown and all. Thing I need to know before I think of donating is, WTF does he need to know my employer for?

It says the law requires me to give the name of my employer, why would they need to know that? If anyone knows let me know. Something seems fishy to me.


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