Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One thing I have learned the last few days is, I know for sure I don't want this Matt Kelty guy to be our next mayor. Some how some kids in a Indy school had sex in a classroom because Ft. Wayne has strip clubs.

First they take away smoking now they want to take away strip clubs. Truth be told some of the strip clubs may end up closing down or at least do a lot less buisness because of the smoking ban anyway. What pisses me off is when I read comments. Why does every right wingnut think strip clubs are full of prostitutes and drugs? These people watch too many movies or something. There are laws and such that regulate these buisnesses. It's not the drunken lawlessness people think is going on. Sure there are people getting drunk in there, but it's not a free for all Roman orgy happening.

Now of course I'm all for protecting children and such. There is no place for a strip club near a school or anything like that. Honestly, NO Fort Wayne doesn't need anymore clubs or sex oriented buisnesses. I don't want massage parlors or crap like that coming back, that kind of thing is just creepy. Most of the clubs in town are nice, there are 2 or 3 that you might consider a "dive". The funny thing is I see more laws get broken in the big fancy clubs then those little "dive" places.

Here are a few post from other sites I do agree with, Just for the Record, and Angry White Boy. They make good points, AWB's idea isn't bad.


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