Friday, March 9, 2007

I bet no one ever saw this coming (yes, that was sarcasim), Justice Department Says FBI Misused Patriot Act

Here is a link to the Department of Justice web site were you can read the full report. It's a lot of reading, best off to stick with the newspaper artical.

I think it's just another fine example of Dear Leader breaking any law he feels like. What I wonder is, what did we get out of this? Did we actually catch a terrorist, stop Dr. Evil from taking over the world?, or maybe catch someone having a smoke in Ft. Wayne? Supposably the whole thing is just some record keeping errors and no civil liberties were at risk and they found no deliberate or intentional misues of authority. Even though recordkeeping and reporting was inadequate, actual use of information was appropriate. Wow, "recordkeeping and reporting was inadequate", no shit?


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