Saturday, December 8, 2007

He's a mind boggler

"When I see a woman walking around with a burqa, I see a Nazi. That's what I see. How do you like that? A hateful Nazi who would like to cut your throat and kill your children. She's doing it to spit in your face. She's saying, 'You white moron, you, I'm going to kill you if I can.'"
-- Michael Savage, on his syndicated radio show

I've always thought these conservative radio personalities were ignorant, but this guy just won the top prize. I'm surprised this guy doesn't have a show on Fox News by now.
That statement is just messed up on so many levels. I thought someone wearing a burqa was saying, "I'm practicing my religion". I don't understand the spitting in your face part. It's not like anyone tells them they can't wear a burqa so they put it on anyway. Most of those countries they are required to wear them or they will get stoned or worse.

If your going to compare Nazis to anyone compare them to conservatives. I think you will find a lot more similarities.


  1. John Good said...
    Mr.Wiener had a rather fucked up childhood. Not that that excuses his behavior. . .
    Stan Matuska said...
    He's definately a nut job.
    He had a tv show at one time, but MSNBC fired Michael Savage after he referred to an unidentified caller to his show as a "sodomite" and said he should "get AIDS and die.". Nice guy, that Michael.
    John Good said...
    "repression aggression" or redirecting one's frustration at hiding one's feelings and nature by attacking similar people who are out in the open.

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