Monday, December 31, 2007

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Left of Centrist » Meme(ories) lie the corners of my mind
I guess I suppose to tell 7 lies about myself.

I was born at a young age at the family farm,

Life was hard on the farm,

So I moved to the big city of Fort Wayne,

For some higher education,

Once I got to Fort Wayne I was bored so I invented the home computer,

Then with my old Amish pal Al, we invented the Internet

We put the Internet to use for the most useful thing we could think of,

(ha ha, I bet someone though I would have a naked chick pictured here or something porn related)

Then rumors of a dark lord started to circulate,

Me and another old pal decided we must fight this evil,

We decided it was best for me to change my identity (actually I think Keith was threatened by my looks, so I think he bribed the doctor to make me ugly and shave my head)

We called my old pal Al again and put our heads together,

We deciede the best thing to do would be to invent something we decided to call the "weblog" or "Blog"

It took us a while but we uncovered a conspiracy. For some reason things just didn't add up.

There was a real threat behind this shell of a president,

Once again we needed help to over come this foe, only one thing could stop this evil,

With all our hard work, the dream finally came true,

Well that is probably more then 7 lies, but it's all in good fun. I don't really have anyone to tag, everyone I know has been tagged I think.


  1. Mary Ellen said...
    Parson- Man, you lie like a sonuvagun! Congratulations!

    I'm sure John Good will be happy to reciprocate when he writes up his lies, heh. This is going to be fun!

    Great job, Parson. ;-)
    John Good said...
    YOU have altered the game, PRAY that *I* do not alter it any further. . . ;)I will exact my revenge later this year (today). Fortunately for you, I read this after you retreated from my domicile this eve, or I would have turned yer ass over to them crazy Mennonites for judgement!! ;)
    Parson said...
    Actually my favorite part was thowing Al Gore and the invention of the internet in there.
    Vic DeMize said...
    Well played, old bean! And give my regards to the "folks back home".
    Robert Rouse said...
    The Amish can be real bastards when they want to be!

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