Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Long Thompson declares victory in governor race; Schellinger unwilling to concede | The Journal Gazette

Long Thompson declares victory in governor race; Schellinger unwilling to concede
By Niki Kelly
The Journal Gazette

Democrat Jill Long Thompson finally got to declare victory Wednesday morning in the state’s Democrat gubernatorial primary even if her opponent isn’t ready to give her the nomination.

After a late night of tallying votes, Long Thompson was leading by about 7,100 votes and six precincts remained to be counted around the state.

“It was a little bit of a roller coaster,” she said, noting she stayed up later than usual but it was well worth it to win.

“I believe I’m clearly the winner and I’m looking forward to the race against (Republican incumbent Gov.) Mitch Daniels in the fall,” Long Thompson said.

But her opponent Jim Schellinger has refused to concede.

Tim Jeffers, campaign manager for Schellinger, said the race is still too close to call.

Looks like the Indiana democrats are playing the same drag everything out game the national democrats are playing. This state leans republican so it's going to be hard to for anyone to win against "Their bitch Mitch". (The gov's campaign uses the slogan "My Man Mitch") But they want to keep the in-party fighting going instead of going after the real threat.

Fight will go on
Indiana keeps Clinton alive; Obama wins N. Carolina
By Sylvia A. Smith
Washington editor

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Indiana primary Tuesday night, running up a victory that gave her bragging rights to being a powerhouse in a Republican-leaning state.

Although her victory was slim, she told an Indianapolis crowd, “It’s full speed on to the White House.”

That is just silly, "being a powerhouse in a Republican-leaning state" she only won by like 2%. That is not a "powerhouse" that is winning by a nose. I don't understand why she is bragging about winning in a Republican-leaning state, she was against another democrat. If it would have been Hillary vs. McCain. McCain would have won it easy. (sad but true)

I know before I said I would vote for McCain if Hillary won, after the last few months I don't think that is still the case.
I will support Hillary if she is nominated. I just like Obama better.

Interviewed at random, dozens of people in the audiences said they were there – and supported Hillary Clinton – out of gratitude for the better economic times during the Clinton administration of the 1990s.

“I love Bill Clinton. I think Hillary’s going to be just as good,” said Lana Hendrey of Columbia City. “Jobs were plentiful.”

People seem to think by electing Hillary they are re-electing Bill Clinton. Do we really need another meat puppet in the Whitehouse? We already have Chaney with his hand up George Bush's ass pulling the stings. It doesn't seem Hillary is doing much to discourage that type of thinking either, at least not that I have seen.

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  1. LET'S TALK said...
    I really think that Hillary would make a great President and I've said for sometime that I had no dog in this fight until Hillary got nasty.

    This race has been over for months now and I think that Obama will be just as good of a President as I thought about Hillary.

    I hope that everyone can do the math now and accept the fact that Obama will be the next Democratic nominee and just maybe Hillary might be his VP.

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