Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bill Maher

Watching Bill Maher tonight, actor Ben Affleck really hit the nail on the head about democrats and how they whimped on the Iraq funding bills. (I hope I can find a video on Youtube later). Democrats are so affraid of being called pussies and being critized they caved in. Instead of standing up to Bush they caved in and gave him a bill he would sign. I'm amazed that after most of Ben Affleck's movie perfomances (Daredevil comes to mind) he's actually pretty smart.

I'm not going to become a Republican by any means, but Democrats are really letting me down.

Bill has Ron Paul(R. Texas) on now, he's saying some pretty good stuff. One good point if we would gain some respect, we wouldn't get attacked. Haven't the fucking republicans ever hear the phrase "keep your friends close but your enemies closer"?

Bill made a great point, you don't get to be the worst President ever without some help from the other side. Guess who the "other side" is Democrats?


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