Thursday, May 3, 2007

Romney's favorite book

Oh how I howled with laughter when I read this, What we can learn from Romney's favorite book. - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine
To save you some trouble, apperently Mitt Romney's favorite novel is, "Battlefield Earth" by L. Ron Hubbard. (The father of scientology). If you haven't seen it, Battlefield Earth is probably the worst movie ever made (well it and Waterworld might be a tie). From what I hear the book "Battlefield Earth" isn't much better then the movie. It's kind of scary someone wanting to lead the free world has such bad taste. I guess it can't be worse then Bush, his favoite book The Stranger. It's about a Arab killer that has no remorse,(hmm sound familar).
I hope Battlefield Earth isn't going to give Romney any ideas like it did Bush.
I figure it won't be long before Romney has to flip flop and come up with something better.

I watch Romney on Jay Leno last night, he talked about how the people want a man of god running the country. I think what made me sick was the audiance seemed to just eat it up, they were cheering like mad, maybe they just liked the idea of being able to have multiple wives?

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  1. John Good said...
    To a select and certain small crowd, you can perform any attrocity imaginable if you wear your religion on your sleeve and proclaim that you are a vessel of the lord. . .

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