Monday, February 25, 2008


Toshiba to quit HD DVDs, ends format war - Yahoo! News: "By Mayumi Negishi Tue Feb 19, 7:28 AM ET

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Toshiba Corp (6502.T) surrendered in the high-definition home movie war on Tuesday, giving up on its HD DVD format after losing the support of key studios and retailers to the Blu-ray technology backed by Sony Corp (6758.T).

The decision by the electronics maker ends the battle with a consortium led by Sony over who would set the standard for the next generation of discs, a fight that confused shoppers and stalled a move to the new technology in the $24 billion home DVD market."

Whew, I was staying up every night tossing and turning with the stress of deciding what DVD format to buy. Last thing anyone wants is to be stuck with a 21st century equivalent of Betamax. I'm surprised it wasn't a debate question. I'm pretty sure McCain was for HD DVD before he was against it.


  1. Vic DeMize said...
    This makes up for Sony losing the BetaMax VCR war you mentioned!
    Damian said...
    Sad part is, I have an HDDVD player. It was cheap, though, so not much harm done.
    TomCat said...
    I'm glad it's finally settled. This time I was smart enough to wait. I felt so stupid, a few years back, being the only one in the neighborhood with a BetaMax. :-(

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