Sunday, August 5, 2007

House Approves Changes in Eavesdropping - New York Times:

"WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 — Under pressure from President Bush, the House gave final approval Saturday to changes in a terrorism surveillance program, despite serious objections from many Democrats about the scope of the executive branch’s new eavesdropping power."

The Democrats give in to Bush because he made them work on Saturday?
"If it had stalled, that would have left Democratic lawmakers, long anxious about appearing weak on national security issues, facing an August spent fending off charges from Republicans that they had left Americans exposed to threats."

It's better to throw the Constitution out the window then to look weak in front of the Republicans?
The House Democratic leadership had severe reservations about the proposal and an overwhelming majority of Democrats opposed it. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the measure “does violence to the Constitution of the United States.”

Pelosi, you just a tool for Bush to get what he wants. If you were so concerned about doing violence to the Constitution you would be impeaching Bush right now.

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  1. LET'S TALK said...
    The House vote was 227-183, meaning 41 Democrats voted for this bill. click here
    We over look the fact that the Senate had already approved the bill a day before, 60-28.
    Now I can't really believe our Congress Democrats did this so they could get home for their August vacations. The only good thing is this bill will last only six months before a final bill is set.

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