Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Hunt for Fred Thompson

Thompson abandons White House bid - CNN.com:

"(CNN) -- Former Sen. Fred Thompson on Tuesday ended his run for the presidency, coming off the heels of a disappointing third-place finish in South Carolina's GOP primary and heading into the showdown state of Florida next week."

Earlier, Thompson finished third in Iowa, fifth in Michigan and Nevada, sixth in New Hampshire and a distant second to Mitt Romney in Wyoming.

Well it's a good thing Fred has his acting career to fall back on. All I hope for now is for Rotten Rudy to get his ass handed to him in Florida and pack it in.


  1. Mary Ellen said...
    I'm sure his trophy wife is sad that she won't be banging Fred in the Lincoln bedroom. Sigh...

    Hey, I have a post that I put together on Edwards on my blog. I think you'll like it...check it out!
    Mary Ellen said...
    Hey, I just heard he won Louisiana! Maybe he'll change his mind and jump back into the ring. Oh wait...jumping might be too rough on him. Maybe he'll slowly shuffle back into the ring.

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