Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I added a link for Montagano for Congress. In the upper left corner. He's a young man that we could really use in Congress, and he would unseat our long time (like 14 years) congressman Souder. It's really time we get some younger people that aren't part of the "good 'ol boy" network into congress and senate. We need people that aren't corrupted by the lobbies to get into congress and make some need changes. Hopefully as things die down a bit were I work I can make some time to get more involved in this campaign and help out if possible.

Robert Rouse has video and the best info. so I'm linking to his post.
Left of Centrist » Michael Montagano officially announces bid to unseat Mark Souder

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  1. TomCat said...
    If Montagano is a progressive, more power to him.

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