Monday, April 16, 2007

BBC NEWS | Americas | Gunman kills 30 at US university

Eye witness accounts

MSN report
Other deadly shootings in US Colleges
Eye witness accounts from the Washington Post

All the Cons and their dear leader Bush want everyone to worry so much about terrorist in Iraq they forget about ol' Al-cracker. Alive and well in places like Virginia. I haven't seen enough information to get on a gun control soapbox. I can't find any news source that says what kind of gun he was carrying. I am sure it's going to be a huge call for gun control and there is already a conspiracy therory on how this was set up by the goverment to get more gun control and security at schools. Every time something bad happens some morons have to make it worse with their stupid conspiracy crap.

One last thing to think about, this is what people in Iraq live with EVERY FUCKING DAY because we thought we could make their lives better. It's very sad, we are all shocked because 32 people were killed by one guy today in just a few hours. This happens about every day in Iraq. We don't even bat a eye anymore. Moral superior my ass.


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