Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Flip Flop?

If a democrat did this, he would be called a "flip flopper" or something.
"I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country."
-- Mitt Romney, 1994
"I saw where the harsh logic of abortion can lead -- to the view of innocent new life as nothing more than research material or a commodity to be exploited."
-- Mitt Romney, 2005
I guess Republicans just call it "business as usual"? I guess I could give him the benefit of the doubt were he says "I saw where", maybe a light bulb when off or something, but giving the benefit of the doubt isn't a much fun as calling someone a flip flopper for changing their mind.

This is from the Mitt Romney web site
"a social conservative; someone whose personal integrity and moral values are unquestioned;"
I think some moral values are in question and they changed between 1994 and 2005.

There is tons more crap on his web site, I hope to make it my new hobby to pick it apart and blog about what I find. It looks like we have another up and coming neocon.


  1. John Good said...
    The neo-nazis like to selectively edit the progressive stand on the issue of abortion, which is:

    "Abortion should be legal, and rare."

    They ten to leave out the last two words when quoting. . .
    Parson said...
    If they put more energy into educating people about how not to have babies, there wouldn't be a need to worry about abortion being legal or not.

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