Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It looks like the wacky Iranian released the British sailors today.
Iran to release British sailors - Focus on Iran -

Heres the part of the story I find interesting, or maybe troubling?

"The [Iranian] president also weighed in on his country's diplomatic standoff with the United States.
'If Mr. Bush and his government change their behavior ... this side (Iran) has the ability to reconsider' its ties with Washington, he said, without specifying what change he wanted to see.
The White House responded that it was Tehran that needed to change its behavior and again urged the Iranian government to abandon its efforts nuclear program if it wants to improve relations with the United States."

That's right it's everyones fault but Emporer W. Every other country needs to bend to his and Darth Chaney's will. Sure Iran having nuclear weapons is bad for everyone. I don't think anyone could think Iran would use WMD responsibly. Hell you know the first thing they are going to do is launch one at Israel (maybe not such a bad idea). It's just the way the part from the "White House" sounds. Part of negotiating is giving something to get something in return. Bush co. just wants everyone to fall in line with their wack job agenda.

It's really nice the wack job Iranian did let those sailors go even though they probably didn't do anything to be captured. In the artical it say he pined a medal on the Iranian coast guard capt. that cpatured the British. Like he saved Iran from a invasion. I guess if your in the Iranian coast guard there probably isn't much chance of being a hero, unless you count helping smuggle weapons into Iraq.


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