Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What!!! The Army and Bush administration (and the msm media) lied about something! Jessica Lynch wasn't a female rambo?
Jessica Lynch Sets the Record Straight - Newsweek National News -
How can this be? I'm sure President Bush or anyone that works for him would not lie to us. This has to be another case of the liberal media trying to tear down our dear leader! How much more of this can we take! We have to take a stand against this liberal crap. Someone call the NRA and tell them to start handing out AK-47s. It's time we stood up to these liberals! I just hope Fox news gets the real story out soon.

God bless President Bush for proctecting us from evil.

Disclaimer- yes that was sarcasim, in case you rightwing conservitive nutjobs don't recongize it.

The artical is interesting though, it's good that girl is coming forward and telling what really happend. After so much crap was built up about her it takes a lot of guts to come forward. She could have just rode the hero BS out, but she came out to help Pat Tillman’s family get the real truth about his death. For those that haven't been keeping score, he is the NFL player that turned down the contract to join the army after 9/11. He was shot by friendly fire and the msm/Bushies tried to make it out he was killed by the enemy. I don't know why they think we need the propiganda and lies. Obiviously friendly fire isn't good, but it happens (it shouldn't but it does). He's still died serving his country with honor.


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