Wednesday, October 3, 2007 News - Bush Vetoes Child Health Insurance Plan:

"The president argued that the Democratic bill was too costly, took the program too far beyond its original intent of helping the poor, and would entice people now covered in the private sector to switch to government coverage. He has proposed only a $5 billion increase in funding. After Bush's speech, White House counselor Ed Gillespie said the president's offer of more money meant more than the $5 billion extra, but he wasn't specific about how much more."

I know us bloggers are suppose to say something like "Bush hates the children" when we see this story. I don't really see it that way. I think it's the Democrats that aren't thinking of the children. At least not thinking things all the way through. They want to push through a child health care bill so they can pat each other on the back and get Hillary a few more votes come election day, and there is the added benefit of making the Republicans look bad. The Republicans don't need help too look bad.

My concern with the health care plan is this part "and would entice people now covered in the private sector to switch to government coverage." If Bush signed that bill, I can almost guarantee when you went to work Monday morning, you would be having a special benefit meeting. In this meeting they will tell you the company health care will no longer cover your children. Why? because you can get the government to cover them now. Why should your employer foot the bill? Were I work we pay a percentage of the insurance and the company pays the rest so dropping you children would save them money.

Do you really want a government lead by George Bush to be running your child's health care? As if HMOs aren't bad enough. Look at all the welfare scams that go on already with low income people having more kids just to get more welfare money, this plan may open the system up to more abuse. The Democrats need to come up with a bill to clean up the system and get it back on track, the Republicans love that kind of thing and would be more likely to sign on to it.


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