Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gunman dead, 5 injured at Ohio school - Yahoo! News

CLEVELAND - A 14-year-old suspended student opened fire in a downtown high school Wednesday before killing himself, and five people were taken to hospitals, authorities said.

Well here we go again, another school shooting. Hopefully there will be more info. later on were the kid got the gun and such. I'm blaming Bush on this one though, who else teaches our young people, the way to solve problems is by the use of force. If you don't like the leader of another country bomb 'em into submission. You don't like being suspended from school, go back with a gun. That will teach 'em.

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  1. TomCat said...
    My favorite quote is from Homer's Iliad: We are the stories we tell ourselves. Today our story teller is the TV and we have a generation that has grown up with stories of heroes solving their problems through deadly violence. Is it any wonder that more of our young are following that example?

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