Tuesday, October 2, 2007

U.N. envoy ends mission to Myanmar - Yahoo! News

YANGON, Myanmar - A U.N. envoy completed his mission to Myanmar on Tuesday with no word of progress on the military junta's refusal to address the people's insistent demands for democracy.

While the military government has said only 10 people were killed, dissident groups say up to 200 protesters were slain and 6,000 detained in the crackdown.

Oh come the F*ck on! George Bush can lie better then this and he's a f*cking moron. Only 10 people killed, who are they trying kid?

In Myanmar's main city of Yangon, residents launched a new form of dissent, switching off their lights and TV sets for 15 minutes during the nightly government newscast starting at 8 p.m.

The "silent protest" began Monday and continued Tuesday, even when state television showed pictures of the Gambari-Than Shwe meeting, which included Deputy Senior Gen. Maung Aye, the No. 2 leader, and two other top generals.

This really is not a bad idea, the American people need to do this type of thing, turn off the TV from 6pm to 8pm, get the MSM's ratings to drop and maybe they will start reporting real news. Instead of what Britney or Paris had for dinner last night.

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  1. LET'S TALK said...
    As I stated earlier, the only country to help in the peace right now is China, not the US and not the UN.

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