Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - Favre decides to call it a career: "Favre decides to call it a career

by Jay Glazer
Updated: March 4, 2008, 1:19 PM EST 1807 comments
The most storied quarterback career in NFL history is coming to a close.
The Green Bay Packers have confirmed a story first reported by FOXSports.com that Brett Favre, the NFL's all-time career passing leader, has decided to retire."

Talk about some bad news. In a way it's good Brett can retire in good health from such a punishing game. I know there has been rumors almost every year about him retiring but this time it seems to be serious.

I would really like to see Brett on one of the sports football shows. He could replace one or 2 of those guys on Fox, they get annoying at times.


  1. Vic DeMize said...
    The only ones happy to see Favre go are the players on all the other NFL teams who no longer have to defend against him.
    TomCat said...
    One of the all time greats!

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