Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mixing Memory : Defending Hillary Clinton From a Memory Researcher's Perspective

Let's look at what might have happened. In Germany, Clinton got on a plane that was used specifically because of its ability to maneuver during landings to avoid incoming fire. Undoubtedly, they were told that this was the reason for using the plane. They had flak jackets and Clinton was put into the armored cockpit for the descent, again as a precaution against incoming fire. Add to this the fact that there were credible threats, meaning she was probably rather anxious, and we all know that stress doesn't make for better overall memory, even if it makes us remember perceptual details better. Hell, maybe even Clinton and her entourage were rushed, after the meeting on the tarmac, to their cars because they were on a tight schedule (not because of the threats), and you get a situation that's easily distorted by the reconstructive processes of memory into something like the version that Clinton told. In fact, I'd bet that they even told Clinton or someone on her team that in the case of incoming fire, they would have to be rush to their cars with their heads down, instead of having the scheduled ceremony on the tarmac. All this could easily add up to a memory in which the threat, the fear, the flak jackets, etc., add up to a difficulty in remembering what actually happened and what she was afraid might happened. And the fact that Clinton seems to remember it so vividly, contrary to being evidence that she's lying, is likely just a product of her brain filling in the gaps and building a coherent representation of the episode, just like it's supposed to do.

This is a interesting post that defends Clinton's "memory". The complete article is pretty interesting. It's still doesn't exactly make it ok for her to bend the truth so much.


  1. TomCat said...
    I'm in neither the Clinton nor the Obama camp, so i don't have a prejudice on this, but I just don't buy it. On more than one occasion, I have faced eminent danger as a volunteer firefighter about to enter a burning building. When the danger I had imagined turned out to be overblown, as was the danger Clinton must have been imagining, what stuck in my memory is the relief I felt that the reality was not so threatening.

    So many details that she gave were the exact opposite of what really happened, I have to conclude that she was just caught in a lie.
    Vic DeMize said...
    Nobody wants to talk about the real truth: she actually was under fire - from snipers paid for by Bill.

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