Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Al Gore uses Electricity?

I haven't really seen much lately to blog about. I have been playing a new online game based on Lord of the Rings, It's a pretty good game, still in the beta testing stages. Next time I'm bored I will write up something about some of the on-line games I play.

I did read a stoy on MSN about Al Gores electric bills. OMFG!!!! Al Gore uses electricity!!! I thought I lead a dull live. Someone out there actually took the time to dig up The Gores electric bills and analyize them. I guess the crying is because Al is trying to get people to use less power that creates carbon gases, and they don't think he is practicing what he preaches. The group is called Tennessee Center for Policy Research, here is a link to a artical all about how Al uses more electricity then the average home, of course it doesn't mention if they are considering the size of the houses. Obviously he lives in a bigger house then most of us, so yes he probably uses more engergy. Anyways, at least he is trying to do something and get the word out. I wonder how much energy these people are using up attacking him and forceing him to respond, another on going cycle of crap, thanks to our "conservative" friends. WTF? how can you be a "conservative" and not be interested in conserving things? I guess conservative just refers to their own pocket book.

What really strikes me is these people that a basicaly denying that humans are having a impact on the environment. How can you not see what is right in front of your face. There are billions of people how could there be no effects on the world? There is no magic wand to wave to make everything go away, and I am not saying we all should become green peace warriors or anything, but what could it hurt to change to a lower power using light bulb the next time one burns out?


  1. John Good said...
    What they purposely fail to mention is that the Gores buy their electricity through a green network, which only sells electric from renewable power sources. . .
    Parson said...
    "We report, you decide"

    (of course we only will give you enough information so the only decision you can make is the one we want)

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