Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow day!

YAY!!! I'm taking a snow day and staying home from work, just looking out the window it's nasty outside. Ft. Wayne is under blizzard warnings and under a lvl. 2 snow emergency. I am not sure what a lvl. 2 snow emergency means exactly, but it sounds like I better stay home from work.

Liberal Journal, has a great post and says pretty much exactly what I have been thinking about this Iran bit for a while. Think about it, by the 2008 elections get started won't it be convienent for the US to be at war in Iran. What a dirty trick to get another Republican voted in as president or for Bush to figure out a way to suppend the Constitution and stay in power.


  1. TomPaine said...
    My mother-in-law lives in Valpo and she said it was bad enough they closed down alot of the county. Stay warm. I guess one good thing about Iraq is that it is warm. Right now a sunny 65 degrees.
    Parson said...
    Yeah most everything was closed in Ft. Wayne on Tuesday. Today everything was running pretty much normal. We are lucky not to be getting as much snow as New York.

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