Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I don't know if you been keeping up with the Edwards scandle thing going on about the bloggers. There is a story here Taylor Marsh. The one blogger Pandagon resigned, if you try and go to her site it just a supended message up.
She put some of the hate mail she has got from them types, and it's not very Christian, some of it is just very wrong. I really has me pissed off these people call themselves christians, they sound like Muslim extremist. It must help them sleep at night knowing they sent a nasty e-mail to someone. How can they belive that is what Jesus would do? Have they ever opened a Bible? The whole "let he that is without sin" story is a good example of what he would have said about this whole thing.

If possible I'm going to try and send Pandagon a nice e-mail letting her know not everyone out here is a insane nutjob. I have to wait until her site comes back to find her email address, if she even has it on there anymore.


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