Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I've been thinking (surprise surprise) about this Libby thing. Here you have a guy ththat goes into court claiming he did nothing wrong. The jury convicts him and he gets sentenced. Now he has planned to make appeals, which pretty much means he's going back to court to try and proof he did nothing wrong and that the first court was wrong. Then Good ol' Bush comes along and commutes the sentence, but he still has to pay the fines. I know a lot of the left is mad because Libby isn't going to prison now, the right is mad because Good ol' Bushie didn't give him the full pardon. I think this is typical Bush'it. Not enough balls to really do some good, but enough of a prick to screw things up. It's not like Bush can run for another term so might as well pardon the guy. Anyone running for president as a Republican needs to be distancing themselves from Bush anyway. I have a ton of reasons to hate McCain, Romney and Rotten Rudy, the fact the Shrub pardoned some asshole isn't going to make me not vote for them.

What is really messed up is the fact that Republicans are the ones always pushing for harsh sentance on crime. Wasn't Bush's best friend the Texas gas chamber? I think Bush commuting the sentence pretty much says "he's guilty and was covering for me and Darth Chaney and should go to prison, but I don't have the balls to give him the full ride right now".

Here is a interesting thought, from The Daily Dish

"One aspect of the commutation of Libby's sentence has been overlooked. Libby knows a very great deal about the war crimes of the president and vice-president and even more about the vagaries of the use of WMD intelligence before the war. By commuting his sentence, Bush is obviously trying to ensure that Libby doesn't talk. He is making sure that there's no pressure on Libby to cop a plea and give Fitzgerald more evidence of malfeasance in the White House."

That probably hits the nail on the head, Libby probably knows it all and Darth Chaney can't get his hands on a shotgun to try and silence him.


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