Sunday, July 1, 2007

Outdoor BBQ day

I was out grilling some hamburgers on the grill on this nice sunny Sunday afternoon (no nobody stole my meat). The maintenance guys walked up and one says "hey buddy no illegal grilling out here". That has to be a joke (right?), but I was caught off guard a bit by this stranger trying to be funny and I make a comment back that was more smart ass then I meant. Both guys are kind of taken back a bit I think, and he says "I'm just kidding, but technically it is illegal to grill closer then 20 ft. to the building in Ft. Wayne". I'm like "what? no shit?", He tells me the city council had passed some ordnance a while ago, and they plan to start enforcing it more this summer. The way he talked I think it's just for apartment buildings. Were I live each unit has a little patio attached to it were you can put some lawn chairs and a grill, and it has a privacy fence built around it. Obviously it's no 20 feet away. The maintenance guy says they really don't care, but he wanted to let me know. I am wondering how to find out what the real scoop is on this law? How the hell would I even know such a thing existed unless this guy told me? Maybe I can email someone on the council and ask? If I get more info I will post it.


  1. John Good said...
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    John Good said...
    Parson - The info on this and many other city-code related topics is available on the official Fort Wayne website.

    I have just added a link to it over at Fort Wayne Left. It's in the right sidebar, near the top of the page, under Fort Wayne Information.

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