Wednesday, July 11, 2007 "As Bush exits, his issues will linger
The vexing agenda the president will leave behind in 2009 is likely to guide the administration of his successor. Among the unfinished business: the war in Iraq, tax cuts, Medicare and Social Security.

By Susan Page

WASHINGTON — The 44th president will move into the Oval Office with an agenda defined in large part by the 43rd president."

The person we elect as our next leader is going to have one hell of a mess to clean up after the Shrub years. So either the next president has been set up to be one of the greats like FDR following Hoover or they have been set up for major failure.

The question now is who is going to be up for this challenge, the kid from Illinois, the lady from Arkansas, the metro sexual with the $400.00 hair, the cross dresser from New York, or the cult member from Michigan? In the context of who can do the best clean up job it's going to be hard to pick a candidate from our choices. They are in for a major clean up job, with the war going on, the countries reputation, health care, and immigration.

From the list of candidates we have so far, I can't really pick one I think would be up for the challenge. All we can do is hope Al Gore will wake up and decide to run.
He might not be a FDR, but he would be better then any choice we currently have.


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