Thursday, January 25, 2007

I added a new blog in my links list, Taylor Marsh. She has a link to a CBS video. It's pretty scarry stuff. They won't put it on the air. They don't want people to see how bad things are in Baghdad. There is also a letter about that gives more infomation about the video and a link to contact CBS about getting it on the air.

I like some of the stuff she has on there. Especially the hate mail area. Some of them are pretty crazy. Wishing her dead and such. What type of tool are you if you can't understand people have different opinions? That something for another blog entry, I could go on for hours there.

I found this link on there too for Hillary's website, that is just getting started. I'm not really a Hillary fan, she might be ok for a vice president. It's something fun to keep a eye on. I wonder if Barack Obama has this type of website? I guess that is something I can look for one of these days.

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  1. John Good said...
    Run, Al, Run!

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