Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wish partialy comes true

In a previous post I mentioned that, I wish some of ABC's competition would get on the
Spocko story and get it some more attention. At least one rival station has ran a story about the on going Spoko ordeal.

I probably shouldn't bring this story up so much, but I have come to enjoy the Spoko's Brain blog, and it good to see someone stand up like they have. I think it is interesting how a radio show pretty much craps on their sponsors. Sure everyone has the right to a opinion, no matter how screwed up it might be, but I think the sponsors have the right to know what type of show they are adverstising on. Big corporations aren't going to be able to monitor every bit of adverstising they run, they probably have marketing firms that set up a lot of spots in local markets or for odd times.

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  1. John Good said...
    It's a brave new world, and unlike the version by Aldous Huxley, we the people hold considerable power in this one. Go bloggers, go!

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