Friday, September 7, 2007

The "Decider" strikes again

S. Korea rebuffs Bush; North makes nice - Yahoo! News

In an unexpected confrontation, Roh publicly challenged Bush during a picture-taking session to pledge support for "a declaration to end the Korean War." That conflict ended in a truce in 1953, not with a peace treaty, so the two sides technically remain at war.

Bush said North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has "got to get rid of his (nuclear) weapons in a verifiable fashion" for the United States to agree to sign a peace treaty. Roh told Bush he should "be a bit clearer in your message" and Bush shot back "I can't make it any more clear, Mr. President."

That Bush, he's a diplomatic genius.

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  1. LET'S TALK said...
    Bush is a disaster waiting to happen. He needs to really let the diplomats do this job. He fails at anything he tries.

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