Friday, September 28, 2007

Here is something for the you can't be serious file, or the What the Hell are they thinking file.

Madonna Nominated for Rock Hall of Fame - MSN Music News

Madonna Nominated for Rock Hall of Fame
Sept. 28, 2007, 10:52 AM EST
The Associated Press
NEW YORK -- Here's something Madonna can really celebrate: a nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Madge joins heartland rocker John Mellencamp, the puckish rappers Beastie Boys and premier dance acts Donna Summer and Chic among the nine nominees for the hall. The five leading vote-getters will be inducted in the annual ceremony March 10, 2008, at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Are you f'ing kidding me? Madonna in the "Rock and Roll" Hall of fame. How can anyone think Madonna even belongs in this hall of fame? Seriously WTF are they smoking? They need to consider changing the name to the "Rock and Roll Hall of LAME"!!!


  1. Robert Rouse said...
    Makes you wonder what kind of idiots are running the HOF now. I've been ranting about the exclusion of the Guess Who for years now.
    Parson said...
    Guess Who should be in there long before Madonna or anything like that was ever considered.

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