Saturday, September 15, 2007

Protest bloggers ordered to come out of the shadows - Times Online

Jane Macartney in Beijing

Anonymous online postings are to be banned by a city in China, after residents mounted a successful internet campaign against proposals for a huge chemicals factory.

Internet users will have to provide their real names, backed up by data from their identity cards, when posting messages on more than 100,000 websites registered in Xiamen. Authorities are taking action after thousands of residents of the prosperous southern port city marched through the streets, mobilised by mobile phone text messages and an internet-based campaign.

One government official said that the protest had shown the necessity to control content on the internet. He said: “Those who illegally spread harmful or bad information will be detained or fined.”

Wow, this would be a conservative's wet dream to make it easier to track down us liberal bloggers that refuse to praise President Bush's or Mayor wanabe Kelty's retarded policies.

I guess communism as hit the modern times. I guess it's true in Red China you don't watch the internets, the internets watch YOU!

hat tip to the Libertarian party of Allen county


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