Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knocked off by a bargain - Los Angeles Times

By David Colker, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 26, 2007
I make my living writing about scams.

Check-cashing schemes, Nigerian frauds, fake Viagra -- I've covered them all. And in the back of my mind was always the sense that the victims must be a bit greedy or stupid. Like me.

My comeuppance came this year when I went shopping online for high-end earphones and ended up with a fake.

And I don't mean crude knockoffs. I thought I was getting a brand-name product at a bargain price by being a smart shopper, just like my flea-market-loving mom taught me.

It's amazing how much counterfeiting is going on. I guess as technology gets better there always be crooks and scammers ready to use it to make a easy buck.

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  1. LET'S TALK said...
    Well what do you call major products that list the sale of computers for one price, but when you order it, theres all kinds of hidden fees that run up the bill.

    I want call any names, but it's better to just go out to a store and buy.

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