Friday, November 16, 2007

GOP seeks recount in Fort Wayne’s 2nd District | The Journal Gazette

GOP seeks recount in Fort Wayne’s 2nd District
By Benjamin Lanka
The Journal Gazette

The Allen County Republican Party will ask for a recount in Fort Wayne’s 2nd District City Council race, which was separated by 13 votes.

I was kind of surprised this didn't happen sooner. You can't blame them for asking for a recount, with only a 13 vote difference. Hopefully Karen will still have enough votes to be our council person for this area.

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  1. Eric White said...
    I thought I had heard that they were going to wait until after the election results had been certified. They wanted to see the outcome of the provisional ballots.
    TomCat said...
    If The GOPers lost, am I correct to assume that the district does not use Diebold?
    Parson said...
    I don't know what type of machines they were for sure, I did vote, but didn't check the machines out that close. The latest news is they are mostly interested in the paper ballots.

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