Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here we go again

Bush vetoes health-labor bill - Yahoo! News

Bush vetoes health-labor bill - Yahoo! News: "Bush vetoes health-labor bill By Caren Bohan 35 minutes ago NEW ALBANY, Indiana (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Tuesday vetoed a measure to fund education, job training and health programs, marking the sixth veto of his presidency and the latest salvo in a fight with congressional Democrats over domestic spending."

Once again Bush demonstrates his willingness to keep the Iraq war going and going and going. When it comes to spending money on things we really need like education, job training and health, he whips out that veto pen. Then of course all the republicans and libertarian types hail him as some kind of hero.

"I understand some of them in Congress didn't agree with my decision, that's fine," he said. "But whatever their position on the war is we should be able to agree that our troops deserve the full support of those of us in Washington D.C."

What about the rest of America you jackass? Don't we deserve some support? I am getting tired of these right wingnuts that cry about how the troops are fighting for our freedom. They are fighting in Iraq. Iraq didn't invade us or have us under control. Iraq was never a threat to our freedom. Iraq was just used as threat for Emperor Bush and Darth Chaney, and their domestic spying and bypassing the constitution every chance they can.


  1. JollyRoger said...
    Don't worry-those troops Chimpy is holding hostage in Iraq will get THEIRS. Chimpy leaves no disadvantaged person unpunished.
    TomCat said...
    Bush understands that killing prople provides more money for millionaires than helping people does.

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