Monday, November 26, 2007

Putin Says U.S. Is Meddling in Russian Election - New York Times

MOSCOW, Nov. 26 — President Vladimir V. Putin today accused the United States of trying to taint the legitimacy of upcoming Russian parliamentary elections by pressing a group of prominent independent election observers to abandon their attempts to monitor the campaign.

Putin has to have gone insane. How does the world have so many nuts running all these countries? Between Imanutjob in Iran, Putin in Russia, Bush in USA, Chavez in Venezuela, and Kim Jong-il in North Korea. Just to name a few of the biggest nuts.

It looks like Putin is taking Russia back to the old USSR ways, and doing everything he can to make the United States the enemy once again.

Mr. Putin has turned the parliamentary elections into a referendum on his leadership, and in recent days he has stepped up his campaigning for his party, United Russia. At the same time the Kremlin has used its control over the election laws, government agencies and the news media to ensure that the opposition has little if any chance of gaining a foothold in the next Parliament.

Make me wonder is George Bush taking notes on how to stay in power? Maybe George and Putin making plans over the red phone so they both can consolidate their power. What a great excuse George will have for declaring marshal law and suspending the constitution, or if nothing else helping ensure we end up with rotten Rudy as the next president.

I really hope we can do something to get this country back on track, and keep the Russian's from going back to their insane cold-war days.


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