Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I got up nice and early about 6am. and drove down the street to the polling place. They opened at 6 so there really wasn't anyone there. I was able to walk right in show my ID and sign some book. Go to a electronic voting machine and push the buttons for Henry and Goldner, I even voted for a libertarian for At Large. This was the first time I ever voted. I don't know why but it felt pretty good. I never really paid much attention to politics as I have this year especially locally. I can't wait till next year when (if Georgie W. allows it) there will be presidential elections. I need to get my self in the habit of sleeping more at night so I can get more involved with volunteering the next time around.

I noticed something kind of funny outside the polls there were lots of political signs, but none for Republican golden boy Matt Kelty. The kool-aid must not have been made early enough for them to get some people out to put up signs.


  1. John Good said...
    GREAT JOB!!!
    Parson said...
    I'm just happy that Henry and Goldner won!!!
    TomCat said...
    Congrats on your first vote!

    here in oregon, it's all vote by mail, so I voted over a week ago. We had no local candidates this time around, just ballot measures.
    Parson said...
    We had like the lowest turn out in history, I wonder if vote by mail would be better?

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