Sunday, November 4, 2007

Henry Rally

I went downtown to the Court house green for the Henry for Mayor rally. Senator Evan Bayh came in from Washington to support Mr. Henry.
These videos aren't very good (done with the cell phone camera)
Here is Tom Henry rallying the troops

Here is Senator Bayh talking about Tom's character

Robert from Left of Centrist has a better quality video, it shows pretty much the whole rally.

Here are some still photos.
Senator Bayh speaking

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Here is Tom Henry talking to local blogger John Good of Left in Aboite kids

Here is one of Bayh and Tom Henry, some how another local blogger Rober Rouse from Left of Centrist got in there.

Here is another picture of Senator Bayh with Mike Montagano who is running for Congress.

I thought it was a good rally, I think there was a pretty good turn out. We had great weather and the speakers really got everyone charged up. We have to get out and vote Nov. 6, don't sit home just thinking your guy will win, you have to vote to make sure that will happen.


  1. John Good said...
    GREAT job, Parson!!
    Parson said...
    Thanks, It's actually kind of fun being a amature reporter.

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