Friday, November 16, 2007

Papa John's Text Messaging

Have we got this lazy? Now you don't even have to get off the couch and walk to the computer, just pick up a cell phone and send Papa John's a text message.

Papa John's Short Message Service (SMS)/Text Messaging Information Center: "We've made ordering hot & fresh Papa John's pizza easier than ever with our convenient text messaging options. Find Papa John's locations, receive special offers and more--all through the convenience of text messaging! And now we have a NEW text ordering feature that's made ordering Papa John's pizza as simple as sending us a short text message. Check out all our text messaging features and try them today! "

I might give it a try this weekend though...

Update, actually after some checking, no I'm not going to be using text messaging to order my pizza, it looks like you send them a message, they send one back then you send another one, then you have to conferm it with another, I don't have unlimited text messaging, that could get expensive, and it looks like a pain in the butt. I will stick to the internet or the good ol' phone call.


  1. Josie said...
    Gosh, the place where I order my pizza, when I call them, my number comes up on their call display, they have my address already, I place my order and they're here in less than 15 minues. I sounds as if it would take that long just to place the order if you used text messaging.
    Parson said...
    Exactly, and if you pay for each text message it's going to add up.

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